Skill coaching offers insight and input in a variety of local church ministry areas. Each coach has a bio that contains the ministry areas in which they have expertise.

What Can I Expect?

Once you choose a skill set, select a coach that has expertise in that area. Fill out the form and submit the payment for the package you select. You will receive a confirmation for the payment. You then initiate contact with the coach and set up the initial appointment. The coach will meet with you using online video call. PIH Coaching is personalized conversations between you and your coach to discuss your unique ministry needs. Once the number of sessions in your package is concluded you will be asked to submit an evaluation form. If you desire to continue the coaching you can sign up for additional packages.



Here’s What To Do Next:

  • Choose A Coach

    Get precise with your needs and align them with one of our coaches. Read more here.

  • Select A Package

    We have 3 levels to choose from – take it slow or dive right in.
    See our packages here.

  • Complete Form & Submit Payment

    Once you’ve decided on a coach & package you’re all ready to go!

  • Put It In The Calendar

    Contact your coach and schedule your first coaching session!


Check Out The Skillsets
Our Coaches Offer

The following operations, processes, and functions, when maximized in you, can increase the overall health and effectiveness of your church. Our coaches can assist in your personal development in these competencies.


Understand the apostolic in a local church context and begin the process of implementing that culture into your own church.


Learn how to create and equip prophetic people in a prophetic presbytery, set up prophetic protocols for your church, and troubleshoot prophetic challenges.


Understand and develop your church administration processes from scheduling, finances, and employee management.

Young Adults

Enhance your effectiveness in pastoring and inspiring young adults as they transition from youth ministry.

Church Planting

Developing a church multiplication culture in your church; identifying and training potential planters; determining a planting method appropriate for the team, the sending church, and the potential plant location.


Learn to develop pastoral people and form pastoral teams. Troubleshoot crisis areas understand how to apply solutions to challenging areas.


Begin the process of creating an evangelistic culture and mindset in your church. Learn evangelism events and ideas including community outreach, Spirit-Cafe, and one on one evangelism.


From rehearsing, to scheduling, to the Sunday morning set, gain insight and practical tools for your worship team.


Building a vision for domestic and foreign missions within your church. Selecting a mission emphasis that is consistent with your local church values. Practical steps to implement mission trips.


Develop your teaching skill and learn how to communicate effectively and offer applications through your research and communication.

Church Governance

Gain insight into some of the legal implications of local church governance as well as understanding what may be your church’s leadership structure moving into the future.


How to better connect with youth and the issues they are facing as well as advice and practical solutions for maximizing your youth group potential and influence.


Develop and diagnose your prayer teams including ministry team, intercessory team, and how they can fit effectively into the ongoing ministry of the church.


Gain insight into how children integrate into your church services and children’s church, plan to protect, as well as training volunteers.

Coaching Packages

Test The Water

Three one-hour individual sessions
[$90 per session]

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Go Deeper

Six one-hour individual sessions (May be split with another leader on your team) [$80 per session]

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Dive In!

Nine one-hour sessions for individuals &/or groups [$70 per session]

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