Are you ready to step up, move out, and acquire the skills you need?
It’s time to reach the dreams and goals God has given you!

Receive evaluation and

Implement practical tools
to do it better

Find pathways to
get it done

Receive evaluation and

Implement practical tools
to do it better

Find pathways to
get it done

About The Coaching Network

PIH Coaching was created to assist churches become healthier in every aspect of ministry and community. We are proven ministry leaders purposed to connect you with answers and solutions.

We know you have the vision and resolve – we can help you realize them.

Coaching Packages

Test The Water

Three one-hour individual sessions
[$90 per session]

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Go Deeper

Six one-hour individual sessions (May be split with another leader on your team) [$80 per session]

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Dive In!

Nine one-hour sessions for individuals &/or groups
[$70 per session]

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Why Should My Leadership Team Access A PIH Coach?

The way to build strengths in existing ministries and teams is to access those with expertise. Our coaches have proven ministry experience and are willing to share this experience with you. These one on one, live online conversations, will address your specific ministry challenges and needs.

Our coaches provide relevant and timely insight to navigate you through times of transition, change, and crisis, empowering you to get to the next level.

Learn more about our coaching strategy.

Answers & Solutions

Are you at a place in your ministry where you need some answers and solutions to get more healthy and effective outcomes?

More Than A Conference

Have you realized that conferences are good but rarely take the place of practical, nuts and bolts solutions for the everyday processes of ministry?

Experienced Input

Would you like encouragement from someone that has walked down a similar path?

Feeling Stuck?

Are you tired of going around the ministry mountain and wondering why your ministry is somewhat stuck?

Help For Staff

Would you like an opportunity for your staff and volunteers to speak with someone in their specific ministry area?

New Perspective

Would you and your team benefit from having “outside eyes” take a look and provide input and feedback?

Would You Like To Meet Your Coach Before You Commit?

PIH Coaching is personalized conversations between you and your coach to develop your skills to meet your unique ministry needs.

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  • “I’ve been in ministry for a total of about 30 years now. Starting as a missionary, then as a youth pastor, eventually as an assistant pastor in a growing church that became a mega-church. About five years ago the Lord said I was to start a church. Starting the church was actually the easy part, implementing organization and structuring it was much harder!

    The PIH coach I connected with almost 2 years ago, made all the difference. And with that relationship came a wealth of wisdom, and a college-level resource for church structure, leadership, finances, and working with other churches.

    My PIH coach was behind the scenes encouraging us with the purchase of our new church building, which has worked out wonderfully. He also helped in structuring our elders, helping us put together new bylaws, and setting up a functioning Board of Directors.

    In addition my relationship with my PIH coach and our regional PIH church network has really helped out with our worship team being strengthened by PIH Worship coaches. The PIH coaching has been a resource that has greatly aided our church in many ways. Can’t recommend it enough!”

    Pastor of Celebrate 1 Church

If you could press a single button to change your church culture – what would it be?

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